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On not teaching tai chi on Zoom

Back in March, when we stopped teaching in person, we offered online classes to finish the series that had already started.  Although we have had several requests to offer online classes since then, once those were completed I decided not to continue teaching online.  

My most vivid memories of learning from Patrick Watson, our school’s founder, are what it felt like.  I had never experienced anything like it.  He said some useful things as well, but I cannot convey with words the way it felt when his hands-on guidance helped me relax into a tai chi position or experience a martial arts application.

Although my ability cannot hold a candle to his, I know what it felt like.  Doing my best to continue developing that ability and sharing it with students is what inspires me to continue learning and teaching.  I do not feel I can do that online – it needs to happen in person.

A great deal can be learned from excellent teachers in our school, who are much more skillful than me at guiding students during the online classes they now offer.  If you want to take classes now, I encourage you to give them a try.  There are several offerings for those who have already learned the tai chi form as well as more advanced classes for apprentice teachers.  

For those who are new to tai chi, we suggest Qi Gong classes.  Qi Gong is much more easily taught in an online format. There are several great classes offered every week on Zoom in cooperation with the Tai Chi Foundation

I intend to resume teaching when it is safe to meet in person.  I hope that time will come sooner than later.   In the meantime, if you have learned some or all of the tai chi form, please consider joining us for our Quiet Morning Tai Chi practices.  We meet every morning at 7:30 for a non-instructional group practice via Zoom.  It is free.

Now that the weather is a bit more reliable we also hope to offer some outdoor practice time together.  We’ll let you know when we feel it is appropriate to do so.

Until then, wishing you all the best.

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