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At Seattle School of Tai Chi Chuan, we give you the opportunity to learn Tai Chi deeply. We maintain a close connection with the Tai Chi Foundation (TCF) and use the curriculum developed by the TCF.

Beginning level

Beginning level

Tai Chi Chuan is practiced as a “form,” a well-defined sequence of movements that flows from one posture to the next according to underlying principles.The Tai Chi form is taught in three segments, or thirds. The Beginning Form classes present the movements and relaxed flow of the Tai Chi form from one posture to the next. The classes are meant to be taken in sequence. Each class begins with a review of the previous one, then goes on to the new portion.

We teach the entire sequence of movements, where the hands go, where the feet go, and the principles (softness, straightness, relaxation) that makes doing the movements worthwhile. Each class hour provides teacher demonstrations, lots of practice repetitions, hands-on adjustments by teachers, and verbal guidance. We suggest that students practice what they know at home in the morning and the evening and we have a library of short review videos for home use. Practice is the heart and soul of learning and benefitting from Tai Chi.  

  • Beginning Form, 1st Third — 10 weekly classes

  • Beginning Form, 2nd Third — 10 weekly classes

  • Beginning Form, 3rd Third — 10 weekly classes

Class descriptions

Advanced Classes
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