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Happy to be Here

While practicing Tai Chi a couple days ago, I noticed feeling impatient to get on with my day. To save time, I was not quite shifting my weight over the center of my foot before pushing off a little with the other to take the next step.

The resulting effort to maintain my balance invariably sent a wave of muscular tension through my feet, legs, torso, and – well, all of my body. I realized I was making this into a mildly unpleasant experience and kind of wishing it would just end, so I could say “There, I practiced my Tai chi, now lets get going.”

With this realization, I decided to slow down just a little and allow myself to fully balance on each foot before taking the next step. This felt much more relaxing and surprisingly enjoyable.

I could not help noticing that wanting to be somewhere I wasn’t felt tense and unsatisfying, much like wanting the pandemic to be over, so I can go see my brothers, or wanting to finish the dishes so we can watch our favorite evening show, or wanting most anything to hurry up and happen so I can . . . relax and be happy?

Esther, my 14 year old daughter, and I visited the Whidbey Institute recently. Opening the car door, the fragrance of the woods, the cool, clean air, the sound of birds and small animals, the lush forest and clear blue sky all brought back a flood of memories of the past eight summers doing tai chi there with so many friends. The only two people on hand were two guys painting the railing to the Farmhouse patio.

We miss seeing everyone there. Maybe next summer. In the meantime, I hope you are all safe, well and happy to be where you are.

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